The Thompson Brothers on Meditation and Prince Philip’s Funeral

The secret to mental and physical health is a healthy diet and lots of exercise. At the end of every day if you have any worries, you should sit and meditate and free the mind completely of all the wrongs that are bogging you down. We’d meditate ourselves, but we don’t have enough going on upstairs to bother. A few years ago we went to see a bloke playing the sitar at Sherwood Community Centre. His performance was amazing, but we got a really bad headache from it.

Football Super League
Well that didn’t last very long, did it? It only seems like about twenty years ago that Man City were bottom of the second division. There’s only one club in the top division that’s never been relegated and that’s Arsenal. So the whole idea is ridiculous really, particularly when you consider that Nottingham Forest have won the European Cup more times than four of those teams combined. Why aren’t they being asked to be in it?

Prince Philip’s Funeral
It was a fantastic funeral! They started it off with the same music that they had at Remembrance Day last November. Shivers went up our spines. All the people you expect were there, alongside three of his German relatives who we didn’t actually get to see. We liked that it was a small, discreet family do. It was a bit like when our father died last year and there were only four of us who were able to go. Apart from the millions of people watching at home on TV, of course.