Beijing’s first 5G strawberry greenhouse can be used for yoga too

On April 14, the “5G Cloud Strawberry Farm” of Zhongguancun Science Farm in Beijing, was unveiled. This strawberry garden uses big data cloud computing for environmental control and intelligent robots for spraying fertilizers and pesticides for strawberries. It is full of science, and strawberry yields are high, setting an example for the development of experimental agriculture in Beijing.

The exterior of the popular science farm is just an ordinary greenhouse, but when you walk in, you find that there is something special. In a large space of 1200 square meters, the automatic sprinkler irrigation vehicle sets cruise for fertilization, and the water and fertilizer control, heat preservation and light supplementation, green prevention are all handed over to the system for automatic management. There are 19 racks hanging in the air for strawberry cultivation, which can be up to 2.5 meters above the ground, and each strawberry plant basically grows in a digital cloud.

According to Mr. Zheng He, director of the Agricultural Science Research Institute of Haidian District, the space under the growing frame can be used for various cultural and artistic activities. “For example, you even can practice yoga as long as you bring mats, and there is also a leisure area in the corner of the park. Visitors can sit at a wooden round table and slowly enjoy a cup of coffee.” Mr. Zheng said it can bring people full enjoyment of pastoral life. “This is also a brand-new concept of strawberry cultivation. It pays more attention to environmental improvement and scene creation, and combines strawberry cultivation technology with visual art to create a brand new technology scene of visual art with strawberry.”

The 5G Cloud Strawberry Farm can produce more than 45000 kg of strawberries per hectare, which is double the production of strawberries cultivated in the traditional way. The multi-layer covered greenhouse has no back wall, and the large space created provides a foundation for more application scenarios in the strawberry garden. The “5G Cloud Strawberry Cultivation System” is the first domestic strawberry soilless cultivation system with 5G communication that has been developed by technicians from the Institute of Agricultural Sciences in Haidian District, Beijing. 

Mr. Yu Tengfei, deputy director of the Agriculture and Rural Bureau of Haidian District, said that Haidian District will continue to play the leading role of innovation and demonstration, and expand new concepts and new models such as aerial planting, three-dimensional production, and digital management to other crops.


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