5 Amazing benefits of prenatal yoga for all millennial moms to be

Prenatal yoga is not only good during the pregnancy, but it also helps new moms cope with post partum depression. So, here are 5 prime benefits of prenatal yoga that all new and would-be moms should know about.

Benefits of prenatal yoga for would be moms
Benefits of prenatal yoga for would be moms

Most of us know the benefits of yoga for enhancing and boosting fertility and we also know the benefits of yoga to bounce back after giving birth. Yoga helps a new mother to cope with post-partum depression and helps the body to cope with the after impacts. However, there are benefits of yoga during pregnancy as well. Prenatal yoga can be beneficial for a mom-to-be.  

When a to-be mother does prenatal yoga, there is hormonal regulation, pain reduction, balance between mobility and stability of joints and toning of uterus. As it tones the uterus, it positions the baby in the optimal birthing position. Once the baby is in the optimal position for birthing, it is head presses on the cervix and dilation is much easier. So, here are some benefits of prenatal yoga shared by Dr Ananya Nema, Consultant Physiotherapist, Motherhood Hospitals, Indore.

Benefits of prenatal yoga:

1. One of the main benefits is that it increases flexibility. It increases energy and strength, builds endurance- in turn preparing one for delivery and birth of the infant. It is also less likely that one faces any complications while pregnant and generally the baby also comes with a healthy weight.  

2.  Prenatal yoga helps one to have a more intimate connection with the baby. While doing prenatal yoga one must keep their mind and body balanced and calm. Prenatal yoga can be a great way to spend some time alone with your baby and a way to take out time from your otherwise stressful and busy days.

3.  When one practices regular prenatal yoga, the to-be mother can easily tackle the hurdle of many pregnancy related complications that women face. Practicing prenatal yoga regularly can improve your sleep, reduce your stress and anxiety. It reduces tension and backaches and pains that many women undergo during their time of pregnancy. Prenatal yoga helps the whole body to stretch and there is a healthy circulation of blood in the body thus reducing swelling and pain.

4.  During pregnancy, the body is continuously changing. Each day the body is growing a little bit and when one does not pay attention to that it may become difficult to move around and do basic stuff. Prenatal yoga helps a to-be mother support her changing body and make it easier for her to get back in shape after pregnancy.

5.  Prenatal yoga can be done alone or in a group. If practiced in a group, it can also act as a support group that not only is a way to connect with other mothers but also a way to learn from their experiences and mistakes.


Before jumping right into prenatal yoga, one must always consult with their gynaecologist. One must always listen to what their body is communicating to them. Never overdo anything, even prenatal yoga. You must always exercise with a qualified professional and remain active throughout your pregnancy.

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